Tuesday, April 28, 2009

painfully obvious quote of the day

my cublicle neighbor who talks like a surfer dude and reads online articles all day instead of working decides to annoyingly talk over my cubicle divider:

"hey, aurelgrooves, so, like, this swine flu stuff is like, real scary huh?"

me, typing, facebooking, ignoring him

"i think what's most scary, is like, how people are like, dying, you know, and like how, they're like our age, and how we can like, get diseases, like, transmitted to us from pigs"

me, rolling my eyes, realizing this is golden blog material here

"you know, because, like, pigs are pretty similar to humans, you know? like, we get their organs transplanted into our bodies and stuff."

me, transcribing his each and every word

"pigs are like way more similar to us than birds, and bird flu is like, totally scary. but totally not as scary as pig flu"

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restaurantrefugee said...

It is so nice to have a blog on which to places those random gifts of stupid the universe occasionally drops in your lap.