Sunday, September 11, 2011

another typical restaurant experience

so i'm working in a team with 2 other people, an american woman from wwfus who is staying at my hotel and a french guy based here. we've worked through the weekend. well, there's supposed to be another belgian guy but his wife put him on some sort of low-calorie diet and he's even slower than the typical belgian so we let him stay home.

the plan is to meet at 8am at our hotel cafe and whoever is there first orders our two alloted breakfasts withfried eggs, and one extra coffee and we all just split it.

it's kinda odd that the lady doesn't blink twice when i'm there all alone, ordering 4 eggs, 8 pieces of toast, 2 yogurts and 2 orange juices but she flips out when i ask for 3 coffees. TROIS CAFES??? we went through this yesterday do you remember?

at lunch on saturday we decided to try the chinese restaurant where no one ever eats at, but there's a nice patio. the kitchen is all Chinese, and the service is 100% consoles. chinese restaurants are for some reason extremely expensive, so we went with some appetizers and only TWO dishes for THREE people. we are very clear about this. we would like THREE plates and TWO dishes. she writes everything down.

if the waitress doesn't come back with the menu 5 minutes later it means they have all the ingredients for your dishes and order has succeeded.

she comes back 5 minutes later with the menu.

no sweet and sour pork.

so we have to ask - what are you missing, the pork? the sweet and sour sauce?

she has to go back into the kitchen, comes back as always walking real slow, with the shuffling of flip flops, no we order the beef.

a few minutes later she brings out a dish and places in front of us. we have no plates, no silverware, there's just this dish and it's not our appetizer. i'm sort of poking at it, looks like general tao's fish or something. smells like fish.

madame, what is this?

it's chicken.

it really smells like fish. it takes like fish. ok...

all our other dishes come out and we now have this extra dish.

where's the chicken with cashews?

there were no cashews so we put cucumbers.

cucumbers? who cooks cucumbers?

whatever, just eat.

we all had stomach cramps 4 hours later.

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