Friday, September 9, 2011

what's new in kinshasa!

1. there's a traffic light. a working traffic light. a big fancy one with bright digital numbers that count down until the change.

only problem is no one really follows it.

because if you're a big stupid sucker and you are waiting at the light, you're basically a sitting duck for the police dudes rapping their sticks against everyone's doors and getting bribes.

2. my hotel has internet! working internet! wireless internet! that works! and no animals in cages!

3. bottled water is now 4$ for 50cl, and a package of instant coffee (one serving) is 5$. robbery.

4. there's a suggestion box at the office....

.....located in the toilet. and it's open.

i will suggest they move the suggestion box.

5. the lunch place has a chalkboard that features the specials of the day. today it read:

yaourt du lait

00 F.C.

like, it used to be 500 francs congolais (F.C.) but now someone erased the 5. you can buy them from a dude right right outside for 300 F.C. but it's ok, maybe these are actually cold? so today i nodded in direction of said chalkboard and asked, "oh, you have yogurt today?"

next week, madame.

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