Wednesday, March 28, 2012

eat eat eat lunch lunch lunch

i've stopped eating breakfast in order to make more room for lunch. lunch is so good! before lunch break at the conference, i sorta hang around the japanese people and see where they go and join them.
here was day 1 lunch. egg is raw (just like at breakfast, i found out). you break it into the little bowl and add soy sauce and then pour over rice. to my disappointment the rice isn't really hot enough to cook the egg, so it just becomes gooey rice. add seaweed (little black things) and pickles to mask out feeling of eating raw egg. drink miso soup from bowl (no spoon), make loud slurping noise. 
the grilled eel was what the polish girl ordered. price: about 8€.

the next day, i found out the lady i was following wasn't japanese, but thai and had no idea where to go or how to order. but we found breaded pork. japanese schnitzel! the waitress was super grumpy, but her schnitzel sauce was super tasty. price: 10€.
we also went to a sake bar one night after the conference, and i ordered octopus balls. they were gooey and covered in fish scales and let's just say they did not warrant a photo. blech.

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