Thursday, March 29, 2012

shinkuju cheap eats

the people at this conference all turned boring and so i went by myself to shinjuku. it pretty much looks like roppongi and shibuya, lots of lights! do they ever turn them off? i thought there was a nuclear crisis not too long ago...
all of the lights...
 anyway, i found a neat arts store, a muji, lots of teeny bopper fashion stores with  craaaaazy preppy/slutty shoes, lots of bars and small places with tiny doors that are cluttered with curtains and foggy glass so you can't see inside- why? yso you can go in and then say, oh, this is italian food or a strip club or a benihana, sorry was looking for teriyaki? but then, a little out of the way this really dirty and cheap pork noodles place. i knew it was pork because there's a happy pig out front.
come eat pig!
the pig was far more friendly than any of the staff (all wearing yellow windbreakers) or customers...they had a menu with pictures, and some words in english, including a dish called "jew's ear?" uhhh, i just pointed to the ramen with spring onions and seaweed. by the time i got my soup everyone had left, they slurp it up mega-fast, pay and leave, especially the guys in suits. i sat at a long counter with lots of condiments all fogged up by the steam coming from the open kitchen.
no time for noodles must hurry!

want some brown stuff in your soup?
it set me back about 6€ and was worth it! a sort of opaque, porky broth with thin noodles and veggies and nori. and because my noodle picture didn't come out, here is a photo of my 7€ lunch!
love lunch!
tomorrow i go to hamakura so i'll have some pictures of something other than japanese food...

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