Saturday, March 3, 2012

i spy with my little eye...

so on this trip there's been a lot a lot of inside freezing cold air conditioned office time, and not a lot of kinshasa. so, whenever a colleague has to run an errand or something i ask to come along, it's a good distraction, and just so crazy, just eye widening unbelievable can't stop looking kind of crazy. in fact, there are so many things to see that you just end up pointing out stuff to eachother, to enrich the experience.
and road trips, even short, are just the best.
it's non-stop stuff like:
-check out that car that only has three tires and emitting sparks!
-look, there's a chinese stoplight that isn't working and it's a total mess
-oh, and there's a chinese stoplight where every light is green at the same time, what a mess! 
-watch out, giant pile of garbage
that's actually a very small pile of garbage
-ohhh was that sludge pit a river or..(yes it's where we get our drinking water hahaha) 
-that guy is giving you the thumbs up, because he thinks the two white girls in the car are your wives, wave back!
couch for sale? or someone's patio?
-drunk driver, swerve!
-baby on the pavement! baby on the pavement, stop!
-that man over there is selling a bag of bricks, want to buy it?

they told me this is where i'm staying next time

-that woman has -er, had an ipad...
-there is a ton of pondu in that car. and a goat on top.

road trippin' with my goat and stuff

-that's the crazy lady with the knife we saw yesterday, lock your doors!

-policeman, lock your doors!

i got room for one more jug!

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