Wednesday, August 22, 2012

a little visit from the NYT

there was a bit of commotion today with all the phones ringing around the office, and all the logistics guys running around frantically. 2 journalists had showed up for a field trip without visas and were stuck at the libreville airport. amateurs. there was a bit of wrangling and bribing but our driver finally brought them in. 
so this guy barges in to my office and says "hey, i need internet, gotta send a story, ethiopian prime minister is dead" and i sorta rolled my eyes and was all, "yeah, i know, i saw it on France24 at breakfast" and i made sure to say france24 so that it hurt a bit. well, turns out he's the Pulitzer prize winning east africa bureau chief for the new york times. oops. he had a cute pulitzer prize winning photographer with him who has a crazy story i didn't find out until after. explains all the khaki outfit. They are doing a story on the poaching crisis.
they were arguing over the payment to their translator and at one point the photographer says "our translators in syria, they sometimes get shot at." no kidding. 
makes me feel kinda silly talking to them about sandwiches and how people pee in the street here, but anyway.

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