Friday, August 17, 2012

i have a chandelier

i have a turn of the (last) century chandelier in my home. it's the best!
mother lugged it over from france and i've been looking for a place in berlin that would fix it up. 
i recall biking by this place in kreuzberg, across from the u-bahn tracks. it is just unbelievable. haven't seen so many chandeliers since Versailles.
we've got crystal
they all had price tags on them, like, 5,000€ and stuff. the young friendly turkish guy hung mine in the doorway. the crystals rattled everytime the U5 came along. he estimated the age and then pointed to a very similar one, Frankreich, ja?

he said he would replace the missing crystals, clean it, put a new wire inside and give me a chain and a cup for the ceiling so it would look nice. it felt so fancy. less so when he said he would do it for 50€.

when i came back to pick it up he nodded his head "bicycle, no way. you need a car." so i went to find my new obsession, a drivenow car share and pulled up with a mini cooper. "mini cooper! much better!" he buckled her in the front seat and i was on my way. didn't even get a receipt. who cares, because now, i have a beautiful, entirely functional, turn of the century french chandelier in my hallway. right above the litterbox :) 

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