Tuesday, August 21, 2012


last night i had dinner with some foresters. foresters are basically your grungy lumberjacks who come from france or belgium and operate sawmills in the middle of nowhere in gabon and develop rather vulgar vocabularies and unruly facial hair.
so we met alain who discovered this rather nice little vietnamese place with little outdoor palm huts and menu full of mostly non-vietnamese fare. alain says he has a discerning palate for asian food because he meets so many chinese mutherfuckers in the bush. so while the foresters cursed away and talked about the various parasites that come out of ungodly parts of their bodies, i searched for one authentic offering, the buon bo, which i recall from normal vietnamese restaurants are tasty rice noodles with salad, tangy sauce and grilled meat. so, in gabon where i guess they have quite limited ingredients the rice noodles are actually spaghetti and the meat and sauce are basically bolognaise covered, but it's the vietnamese version so it's covered in fish sauce. meh. i slurped my spaghetti anyway, riiiiight at the moment that alain described in full detail the 20 cm long worm that exited him ah-hem. i'm eating spaghetti, here alain, please. "but you should have seen it, it's little black head and loooong body!" 
i also learned about vertical sawing and horizontal sawing and one is better but i forgot which. i think i'd rather forget the whole affair, in fact.

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Anonymous said...

Le Grain de riz !!!! Voilà un resto qui plairait à ces bûcherons ....