Tuesday, June 6, 2006

al gore is boring, but makes good movie

so during our last dinner in seattle, the topic of global warming, which has been increasingly on the people's mindwaves came up and my host said, "fuckit, let's go see what al gore has to say." and we walked to the theater to check it out. dubbed "one of the best powerpoint presentations you'll ever see" it was not without its charm: simpson's references (greehouse gwasses?), a few pokes at the current administration and some decent science for the masses. however, i could have done without the 45 minutes of footage of al's profile and his imac, approximating some sort of political apple commercial. the ending with his tall manish outline in a spotlight was a bit too egotastical, though the overarching theme i felt was "damn, why couldn't this guy be our president??" we would be so much better off in so many more ways than climate change awareness.
i truly hope the right people go see this though, as there are still plenty of folks who just don't believe there is any evidence of climate change - even though it's overwhelming. and yes, even me as a scientician, i'll admit that i still have some reservations as to the real connection between human-produced CO2 and quickly warming temperatures, however, the facts are crystal clear: the earth is indeed warming and it's quickly going to be a sad, sad state of affairs around here in the very near future. and there are many things we can do about it. to start, reduce your footprint (carbon and ecological), if not for an overall improvement in quality of life for all of us on this overcrowded planet, but for your own conscience.

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