Wednesday, June 28, 2006

when you're sick, clean!

one thing i do when i'm sick, or feeling down, is clean. like a metaphor of my intestines, i scrubbed all the nastiness out of the tub this morning, the grit between the tiles and vacuumed the little spaces between the carpet and the walls. i think it helps both the brain and the body to do something physical to get better. i murphy's oiled the hardwood floors too, first time ever. so then, when you feel better you have this wonderful surprise of a clean, sparkling apartment waiting for your entrance into health.
same goes when you throw a party, always clean up as much as you can before you go to bed, because when you're drunk, it can even be fun, and since your senses are dulled, it doesn't feel as gross or as much of a chore. and heck, you often don't even remember doing it. after my last party, i stumbled up the stairs into the kitchen, and i noticed, wow, i can barely tell there was a party here, who cleaned up?
"you did."
and so when you get better after feeling like crap, you can look around at cleanliness, sense a good feeling in your body and think, wow, who helped me get over this?

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