Wednesday, June 14, 2006

my cat hates me

my cat still isn't speaking to me. i walk up to her kindly, softly, whispering her name, dangling fresh smoked salmon and offering to scratch her in her favorite spots under her chin or behind her ears but she just runs and hides. meanwhile, the 17 year old mangy bag of bones excuse for a cat that my friend is taking care of...well it just loves me. sure it smells like a barn animal, has lumpy crusty patchy fur, oozes liquid out of every orifice - be it eyes, nose, ears, mouth, ass or its last injection site...thus the nickname "leaky." it's sad to even look at, its eyes barely focused, sitting and shaking on its haunches because any other position is too painful. i know it's just asking the world to put it out of its misery. the inuit die with dignity, but this thing...ok maybe the making neck snapping, noose off the balcony, kitty car in a garage jokes was taking it a bit too far but seriously tho, the thing is miserable. and it stinks.

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