Thursday, June 1, 2006

that's a houseboat for ya

so the funny thing about victoria, canada is that at the super market (called the country grocer, which is having huge specials for "bucaneer days" btw), well, the produce sucks. merely rotten tomatoes, peaches that are more expensive than 20 gallons of gas (tho they call it petrol here), wilted spinach, nasty legumes in general...but then you go to the fish aisle and it's just nutty: fresh halibut, snapper, five types of salmon you would give an eye for at the whole i decded to make some fish tacos, which, according to my guests were "the best fish tacos i've ever tasted, in my life, REALLY" (patting myself on the back). i made some fruity mango/expensive peach salsa, served it with some french salad, cheap red wine and it was a party. now the halibut had some fierce bones in it, and the snapper still had the skin and as i was carving out all the inedible pieces, grouping them into a stinky pile and looking at the sink drain which i had assumed was equipped with a garbage disposal...which was stinking this place to high heaven...when i thought, duh, aurelgrooves, you're on a houseboat silly - there's tons of animal life just begging for your scraps, and i slid open the window, tossed out some bits of fish and veggies to the little waves where a seal head was just poking out minutes before...and within seconds, there was a full on massacre between gulls, marine mammals, was amazing. really, the most efficient garbage disposal i have ever encountered.

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