Tuesday, June 20, 2006

bay bridge gotcha down?

so if you’re driving out to any of the beaches this summer, you lamentably have to take the bay bridge which is nice, but not so much when it’s hot and as always, full of traffic. but it’s a heck of a lot better when you have a super tasty sandwich to look forward to, along with gourmet treats and sodas! We came across the kent island depot last weekend when we were low on gas and as usual, i had to pee. It may look like a regular old citgo, but it definitely ain’t.

The sandwich menu is dazzling with beef and brie on baguette, hummus and feta on ciabatta, reubens and tuna melts – all on fresh baked breads. REAL baguette people, none of this sourdough crap! I heard a lot of people in there speaking french, though a funny sort of francais that I couldn’t exactly pinpoint – their twang wasn’t signature Quebec, so it’s possible they have immigrated from the mainland so long ago that their language has absorbed some mid-atlantic swagger? Can’t say for sure, but I could sense something unamerican (i.e. non 7-11) about the way the manager gently scolded an employee for not changing the coffee – which had only been out for 35 minutes. Head over to the awesome wine section, or the array of italian sodas and natural juices. I'm really sorry i may have sneezed on the salad bar, but i would have eaten its contents anyway.

Maybe a little over the top for a gas station, (though there’s a little sitting area inside) but it’s worth a stop even if you tank is full, this place is deeeeelish!

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