Wednesday, May 21, 2008

frisbee fiesta

i brought my frisbee out to the beach today with a plan to teach these soccer obsessed kids another sport. i'm like "friiiiiiizzzzbeeeee" and they're like, duh, we know, throw the thing already. so i toss it to this 9 year old and he catches it between the legs and whips a side-arm throw to his buddy, who flicks it like a pro to his cousin who dive-backflip catches it in the water. i have nothing to teach these kids. they picked up the hammer throw in two seconds and can catch anything i toss. they can curve it, spin it on their fingers. then they bring out all their frisbees and it's a friggin' frisbee party. 20 kids, 8 frisbees. though theirs are all tupperware plates or those free discs you get free from the bank that suck. i gave them mine. ok, maybe i'll show them what a zone defense is or something. this is my olympic team in the making.

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