Friday, May 23, 2008

got rooster?

i woke up real early today and went for a nice walk on the beach. a peaceful stroll in my barefeet, watching the women fish from the sand bar...and then comes this guy, trying to sell me a necklace. they're always trying to sell me something, either melted chocolate, seashells. so i'm all dude, how about YOU buy MY necklace?
$150 dollars. this is real quartz.
uh, how about $5.
no, now shoo!
so i'm walking back to my hotel and here comes a dude with brown oranges.
no, i'm ok with brown oranges, seriously, thank you!!
then he says "gallina?"
and i'm thinking, gallina means rooster in spanish. and he whips out two live roosters.
nah, i'm good on roosters, thanks.

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lacochran said...

Gallina in brown orange sauce?


At least you have a nice view.