Thursday, May 29, 2008

pemba dolphin

so this is the pemba dolphin where i eat pretty much every meal. it's a good mix of locals and foreigners. the food is tasty, but not very plentiful. there's grilled squid, prawns, chicken, sandwiches, all super cheap. there's one specialty i have to order, it's the sirloin steak on a hot rock. this guy was eating it yesterday and 20 minutes after it was served it was still sizzling. the service is....relaxed. it can sometimes take 20 minutes just to get a menu. there are some nice wooden chairs with ottomans under thatched umbrellas in a little front yard area cordoned off by rope, which you can watch the beach from. only white people sit in these though. the locals sit at the picnic tables. there's a security guard who swings a billy club around like he's a police officer in a benny hill episode. whenever i show up he walks right up to the rope and stares right at me. i'll be all, hello, how are you? he doesn't answer, he just stares. it's a little awkward when he stands directly between me and the beach, facing me, back to the exciting beach frisbee games, kids running around, fishermen, brightly dressed ladies carrying stuff on their heads. it's like when i watch a movie and my cat sits on the coffee table and watches me. i want to ask, hey, mind moving a little to the left so i can see the waves please? one would think if there was ever a threat, a robber or some sort, he would come from the beach side. the guard will never see this coming. he would get plopped on the head by a coconut, game over.

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