Wednesday, May 21, 2008

my name is...

so there's a construction site behind my room. i have no idea what they are building, but they carry metal rods and throw them a lot, and argue, and there's a skeleton of a huge satellite dish next to a broken more intact satellite dish. there are some skinny dogs who scratch themselves against anything sturdy and a lady who fills bins with water and yells at the kids running around. i think one of them is named aurelia, because almost every time i'm sleeping, i hear aurelia! aurelia! venga! with whistling, and i wake up to get up and go, and when i realize i don't have anywhere to go i feel like i've been had. when i'm getting ready to meet alice i hear my name coming from the walls and so i hurry up and don't have time to put bug spray on and run out the door, but it's just that ghostly voice again and i get eaten alive by the bugs.
they call me aurelia here because somehow, aurelie is impossible. my name is aurelie. what? huh? crinkle the brow and squint. so i say aurrrrrelia and they're all, oh! that's so easy! a nice portuguese name!

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