Tuesday, August 3, 2010

chunky update

i passed through the hotel reception voicing my daily contempt towards the staff concerning the treatment of chunky this morning. as usual, i manage to rouse a few of the other guests too, and the lady who counts the money (whom i think is the wife of the hotel owner) tries to ignore me, but has to listen. i vow never to return as long as chunky is in is cage, and declared that i will leave today for another hotel (i actually fly out of DRC tonight anyway). i also posted a real nasty review on tripadvisor (as if people actually choose kinshasa as a recreational destination...) 

this morning the staff sounded a little disappointed and countered "but we fed him on sunday when you were away! doesn't that make you happy??"
a monkey eats all day, every day, he drinks water too.
they throw their hands up in the air, like they will never win.
i stare cruelly: you will be punished by your god.
johannes has found someone to take him. they can hardly say no to be relieved of the burden...we shall see.
i also found out that chunky really likes cucumber.

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Anonymous said...

Très bien pour Chunky. Trouvez lui une famille d'accueil. Une de mes collègues a pleuré en lisant ton blog et en voyant sa binette à travers les barreaux.