Monday, August 30, 2010

lunch bavaria style

one day in munich,we were walking to the cafeteria for lunch, when this nice woman i was talking radar with decided we would go "somewhere nice."
i climb into her tiny VW polo with one of her assistants, and we proceed on a wonderful hour-long guided tour of the lakes of southwest munich. we glide through little villages with green grassy fields with the alps in the background - it seems made up.
we arrive at a larger lake and decide between one of the 3 idyllic biergartens on the shore. there's a guy grilling big troutlike fish heads and all on big silver skewers that go from mouth through tail (i found out it's called stecklerfish). he shows me a picture of his aquaculture farm. i pick the fattest one. and a giant pretzel twice the size of my head. the fish is served in wax paper with a teeny tiny useless toothpick like fork thing. we sit at a bench on the water, an unusual strong wind blowing hair into my mouth. i don't care about my hair, i'll eat it too, this is delicious. moist, salty, garlicy, parsley-y, everything falling off the bone.

a bunch of guys, all over 50 are showing off their windsurfing skills, waves sparkling, glistening, DLR lady is telling me about the glacier that once covered the mountains there. the assistant guy has never been outside munich. is this the best lunch ever?

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Anonymous said...

Meanwhile, in Berlin, we sat inside a Döner imbiß, smoked many cigarettes, and discussed if Banksy is still relevant. You know, what artists do. Well, have fun with your 50 year old windsurfers in Munyuck.