Friday, August 27, 2010

it's friday! that means herring party!

if you happen to be in scandanavia on a friday, i highly recommend you drop whatever plans you have and make it over to the best party this side of the Öresund: Nyhamnsläge herring night (weather permitting).

get there early, seats fill up. i recommend the picnic table closest to the water.
BYOS: bring your own schnaps. or, if you are my family, bring multiple varieties of your own schnapps in tiny bottles, white wine and beer (chasers). it's a good thing we came by bike.
also, we are classy types who always travel with our own table cloths.
wander up to the grill where these friendly gentleman grill up some very fresh perfectly cleaned herring filets.  
for 30 krona they serve them on a slice of dark brown nutty bread with butter and you pour this delicious mustardy sauce on it and red onions from a giant bowl that make your eyes water just looking at them.

open face herring samwich
if you're feeling adventurous, try the pickled herring, or if you're not into fish, a nice hot dog smothered in fried onions.

better than what they serve on the scandlines ferry
my dad drinks for the tigers!
it's a fundraiser for the harbour, i heard. i'm willing to support a floating kids table for herring night.

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