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Saturday, November 10, 2012


there is something to be said about the truly outrageous inconsistencies, the nonsensical opposites that you see in Kinshasa on a daily basis:

-the people who fly in on air france with fur hats and louis vuitton bags being met outside by their barefoot torn-pyjama wearing aquaintances
-the dancing light rainbow light tubes that illuminate the parking lot in front of city hall, across from one of the poorest, electricity-lacking neighborhoods, who live amidst the glow and smoke of homemade gas lanterns
-the people who love that i voted for obama! he stands for everything wonderful! except for the gay marriage part.
"a society must set moral limits. what is next, people will marry their dogs?"
me: but you're ok with polygamy? like having a wife and a mistress?
"that is just human nature! what is immoral about having a wife and a mistress?"
-the people you employ, where the more you pay them, the more they steal
-green renault street cleaning machines??

-the guy that sells huge pillows at the red light.
-the fire station that burned to the ground. the firemen still sit there every day, in uniform, amid the sad ashes of trucks and buildings.


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