Tuesday, November 20, 2012

work story #1

employee A (i.e. me) brings lunch to work. lunch is an avocado, some crackers, a nice ripe mango and laughing cow cheese. put it the fridge at the end of the hall. whatevs.
employee B brings lunch to work. puts it in the fridge. employee B's lunch is a bag of those huge albino squiggly worm larvae things, which are alive, and crawl out of their bag and into mine. they devour my avocado and my mango.
lunch time. horrid screams.  
i go to employee b (who is this tiny guy wearing a huge suit and shoes that are twice his size, like honey i shrunk employee B. his chin reaches the top of the desk and he has those bifocal reading glasses on his nose that i think are fake).
uh, hey, your lunch apparently just ate my lunch!
"oh those little rascals. shall we share? they're probably twice as big now."



òste e còc said...

pics please. or i wont believe you.

Anonymous said...

Comme a dit la secrétaire de R. This is the most disgusting story I have read .... Mais elle a rigolé aussi.