Wednesday, November 28, 2012

rebels? what rebels?

so we haven't really heard much about the rebels lately. you have to understand, the internet here is the equivelent of boingobong modem style. it takes about 15 minutes just to open someone sent me a 3MB email and it has been downloading for 3 days and i can't receive any new messages until it gets through. my other source of news are the guys at intersections with local papers with NY post style headlines "kabila is a tranny!". but it's been raining so I haven't seen them.
so i get most of my news from what happens at the restaurant. apparently some ministers came in and drank champagne so i guess things are back to normal? maria was in one of her moods and told them, hey! you're drinking champagne while what is going on in the east? what ever happened to the army? and the post office for that matter? the ministers they complained that they actually had asked for a half bottle and not a full one.

anyway, it seems there will or is an international force, angolans, tanzanians to try and settle the score over there, but if you ask maria - it won't be free! they're going to make us pay! my brother told me that the NY times said the M23 actually keep goma clean and recycle. i'm sure that aside from the rapings and kidnappings and drugging of children and giving them weapons the M23 are probably really stand-up guys. but i don't really see the momentum, they'll take over a few more hut villages until the angolans show up...then it might get messy.

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