Friday, November 23, 2012


we have a new method of ordering stuff at restaurants and bars. after a while you get sick of being brought random stuff, like, i ordered a pizza not the pig intestines. and they always bring me sprite. i never order sprite but there's always one on the tray for me. so when we order, my colleague cyril feels like he has to compile everyone's order in a clear and distinct manner for the waitress to understand. so if you go around the table, people are always "I'll have that too" or "i'll take that, but with fries - wait! i want bananas instead" and that's the trap you see, that's how you end up with sprite. everyone adds and changes their order and the waitress never has a pen so she just pretends to write with her finger and everyone is getting sprite.
to overcome this cyril ("j'ai marre qu'on commande et qu'on m'amene n'importe quoi!") summarizes. very loud "allez, on repete! un poulet frites! un poulet banane!" only problem is that he always fucks it up and you have to interrupt, "non! un poulet riz! un poisson frites!" and it actually just confuses everyone even more, and i think i am going to start eating out by myself now...and also, when he does that they really just think he's an asshole. today we gave the guy at 100$ bill for a 75$ tab, which is usually not a problem, they should have 25$ laying around but the guy was all, i have to go over there make change, only we should have known something was up because he was putting on his coat and shoes and well, he just..never came back.

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