Wednesday, November 21, 2012

work story #2

there's a project on a lake which bought 2 whaling boats, and hired 2 boat captains. the boat captains were supposed to load up the boats with supplies and go to the lake. no big deal, journey should take 2 about weeks. instead, they went missing for about 3 months. no one knew where they were. boats, supplies, all gone. someone finally figures out that the boat captains have actually been running some sort of bushmeat market up and down the congo river, to kinshasa and back 10 or 12 times. selling meats of stuff of animals that the project is supposed to protect. the trail is pretty obvious, the boats have checked in several times at the port of kinshasa and everything. so they show up at the lake, weeks and weeks later, work delayed, and they are all looking at their watches style "ohhh where did the time go, musta gotten lost, yoodyooo." they are connected to tons of government people. Nevertheless, they should get fired and put in jail, right? but no, this is congo. instead they are suing us for overtime. and the saddest part? they'll most likely win. so we're probably just going to pay them.

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